Introduction AMD recently introduced the new Sempron family of processors which is based on the current K You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Please enter a title. It was a rather silent introduction, with very few websites reporting the news. Sempron comes clocked at 2. Thanks for the response articwind. I’m not very good at these tech things.

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Sempron has its frequency multiplier locked to x Currently there is only one SKU available and that’s the Sempronwhich we are reviewing today. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

The windows 10 upgrade is not compatible with my graphics card, so I have to revert to windows 7 home, but rather than 32 bit, I want the 64 bit. Yes, Sempron is bit compatible.

Thus, AMD uses a smaller number of Regor cores which can’t operate on certain frequencies required to be branded as Athlon II X2, or if the L2 cache is faulty, one logic core is locked and sent to market as Sargas single core or Sempron if you like. Please professor JavaScript back on and reload this page. Market demand is turning to cheap dual core CPUs instead of slightly cheaper single cores.

Go to original post. Specifications In the table below you can review detailed specifications of Sempron and other models 2.71 will show up later in the performance graphs.


AMD Sempron 140 / 2.7 GHz processor Series

Our tested processor was successfully unlocked which will be shown in more detail later. Even AMD-V virtualization technology is supported, but the single core could end up being too weak for any serious virtualization prpcessor.

The Sempron is able to run bit operating systems however beware it will be slow due to the lack of resources. Introduction AMD recently introduced the new Sempron family of processors which is based on the current K The new Sempron chips also hide away some really interesting features that enable you to literally double the computing performance, but first things first. Overclocking can be achieved by raising the default HT Link value.

We have seen a large number of successfully unlocked Sempron s, which seems to confirm the Regor high yields theory. Intel’s competition in this market segment comes in form of the Celeron which has a single core too.

It was a rather silent introduction, with very few websites reporting the news. Thanks for any help or advice! There are two areas in my system info that says something different .271 the system type. Now you are probably wondering where the Sargas core that is used to power Sempron comes from? What GPU are you using?

Is AMD Sempron GHz 64 bit capable? | Community

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The second reason, and this is just my guess, is the very good yields for the Regor sempronfm. AMD offers a 3-year warranty for all retail processors, including this one. But unlike other single core processors Sempron packs a nice list of implemented technologies and enough performance to do some serious damage to Intel’s entry level lineup.


AMD Sempron GHz Review | TechPowerUp

Really silent, aemprontm cheap, and efficient; capable of running p HD video with no problems at all. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

So if the yields are good, and let’s presume they are, for Regor core, there is no reason to lock away one functional core and earn less money than you would if you could sell it as cheap Athlon II Gz. Please type your message and try again. Sempron comes clocked at 2. Running it in a small office desktop computer, you could be very well be wasting a whole lot of potential. I would like to thank Links for providing the processor sample for this review. Thanks for the response articwind.