It is very easy to spot this, unlike some motherboards. This is because the performance of all the hardware and peripheral items connected to it is essentially dependent on the Motherboard and the IO controllers installed in the Motherboard. It still maintains a bright sounding playback with support for four speakers. The BX controller chipset has been the flagship of Intel in the performance controller chipset market. However, I did managed to run some tests on the Socket, and there’s nothing much I can say except that it performed as well as its previous revision. In addition, I think the board could use another fan connector.

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However, I’d give it only an overall rating of 4. The manual says as much and after testing I found it to be true.

I won’t say I’m perfect, in fact, I’m learning valuable lessons everyday. Test Configuration Processor s: Installation was a breeze, plug plug plug and turn it on.

Very often, Ece find myself shrouded with too much pride that prevents me to admit my own shortcomings. Last updated March 30, p6bxt-q Oh yes, you can also disable the built-in modem feature in the BIOS. What I found was a much improved read-out, and here’s a summary of the little probing experiment I did on the board. It is interesting to see that they have upgraded to a higher version of the sound chipset using the Elite CMI From the dual CPU capability to the build-in audio, this mainboard is ideal fcs many users who are looking for something which will last longer than the average system nowadays.


On the top right corner, you can see a red LED. A very low cost solution to built-in sound with 3D positional audio capabilities.


In fact, it was so cool that I played almost two hours, and was blown off to bits and pieces countless times. I do hope the price is attractive and is bundled with free local dial-up ISP accounts.

As you can see from the table above, user’s of the older board has nothing to worry about. The modem riser card plugs easily into the pin header.

ECS P6BXT-A+ Motherboard

I must applaud ECS in choosing to listen to user’s constructive sometimes insulting criticisms. I believe a picture tells more than a thousand words. This Product is provided courtesy of. Due to time constrains, I did not carry out any tests on the Socket as I believe the results would have been much the same anyway. Before I go to the actual specs of the Motherboard I thought it is important to talk about the BX chipset upon which this Motherboard is based upon, for essentially the capabilities of this Motherboard is based on this chipset.


I think it is not very safe to have all the voltage settings enabled. Fortunately, it was due to the hardware monitoring chip. An important part of improving oneself is to accept constructive remarks and act upon them accordingly. Unfortunately, this procedure was not documented in the manual and I had to ask Vijay for it. This is because the performance of all the hardware and peripheral items connected to it is essentially dependent on the Motherboard and the IO controllers installed in the Motherboard.

So, I believe adding more FSBs would really give buyers tougher decisions to make. To give you a better view of how the card looks like, here are some pictures which I snapped during the review.

I guess they have figured that customers are indeed more important. It was only about 2 months since I reviewed their Rev.

Included in the package are: Let me clear something up before emails start pouring in. What makes it different from the previous version.

One should be cautious of this since the air temperature is always lower than the actual temperature of the heatsink.