Posted on Feb 15, 4: Install the ath9k package. The drivers from the Boot Camp disk can be uncompressed using the non-free unrar in the multiverse repository: Test it Test it with gnome-sound-recorder Click “Record”, speak some clever sentences, then click “Play”. Oct 3, At least the networking functions will work that way. Loner T Loner T.

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Instead type alsamixer -c 0 to get to your hardware sound device. I have a late Wtheros Mini I was thinking maybe the Broadcom driver isn’t compatible or something??

To swap the fn key behaviour: The driver has worked very well for several people already atheris you might want to try it too. Sign up using Facebook. If you want to use right Apple as Alt Gr then you may need to rethink your keys for clicks assignments.

Boot Camp Software

Note that if not using edge scrolling, the edge boundaries can probably be decreased but the edge offsets will need to be reasonable as below? Be sure to install them in the order as they appear here.


Scrolling speed The following options affect how far you have to move your finger across the touchpad to affect atherps scroll. User profile for user: After over an hour of getting nowhere and not knowing why, this got me up and running in 4 minutes I upgrade my window from 8.

Next cick in the top window on action and scan for hardware changes.

These should not replace the existing gutsy sources, but should be in addition to them. Neither support installing Boot Camp on an external hard drive. I tried that but device manager doesn’t show any network adapter. This does in fact work. Change the permissions on the regedit folder, right click here, go to Permissions: Once you are there, open Boot Camp Assistant.

Except I can not see my WiFi network under Windows. You may prefer fonts similar to those on Mac OS X, and you can have these on Ubuntu by doing the following: MacBookProbut note that almost everything is the same, and that this page is also relevant.

In such cases everything seems to work fine but no sound is present even unmuting all controls. Hold down “C” to boot from the CD.


You can either use edge scrolling or two-finger scrolling as in Mac OS X but you won’t generally want to use both. Then remove the Boot Camp partition and re-create cxmp. Basic instructions Csmp the firmware to the latest version.

The drivers from the Boot Camp disk can be uncompressed using the non-free unrar in the multiverse repository: MaMi is a DNS hijacker. To do that we have to add an option passed to the kernel.

Windows 10 in Boot Camp | MacRumors Forums

This worked for me, no idea why. However, there are a few issues with automatic dimming.

Ensure that “Capture” is selected in the “Record from input” dropdown. I’ve searched quite some time, following several guides online, but none of them seem to work. Test by running gnome-sound-recorder. Tony Williams 8, 1 13 The steps that I took to get the microphone working were: